Alexandra I.Mar 20, 2019

I just came here yesterday for the first time ever and I finally found the one.

The right dentist that is.

Dr. Jacobson fixed a chip in my tooth in 10 minutes! He worked with my schedule and squeezed me in and did an exceptional job!

I just moved to the area and I’m very hesitant about dentists since my previous one ruined me. In such a short period of time Dr. Jacobson made me feel comfortable and confident that this is my new dentist. My husband and I will both be happy, new patients.

Thanks Dr.!


Leon C.Jun 06, 2018

Got referred here by Dr.Yadegar for a crown.

To start, the front desk staff is very helpful. Direct and friendly without wasting any time. You get a free dental pack with toothbrush and other dental hygiene products on first visit too!

Dr.Jacobson is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and really cares about his patients. He makes your comfortable and always stops to ask how you’re doing. I don’t write review often, but this is definitely something I have to write about. A big thank you to the entire staff there. Highly recommended!


Julian G.Jun 28, 2018

Robertson dental is an amazing dental practice. Dr. Jacobson is a great dentist who really knows what he’s doing. I am a dental student right now and I shadowed him for a day. I learned a lot about the profession and how to provide quality, individualized patient care. His patients constantly seem happy with him when they leave. I would definitely come back to him to learn more about this amazing profession.


Arsalan R.
Jan 1, 2018

Dr. Jacobson is truly amazing. He’s very professional and articulate at the same time. I’m like most other people scared to go see a dentist, but all that fear ended when I visited doctor Jacobson two years ago. Thanks to him and his great staff, I see him every six months for a checkup and cleaning.


Matt R.Nov 11, 2017

Dr Jacobson gave me a great dental experience, he’s honest, personable and never tries to upsell. He tells you how it is and caters personalized treatment plans based on what your needs are. I am very happy with my dental care here and will continue to be coming back .


Michelle L.
May 09, 2017

Dr. Michael Jacobson is hands down the best dentist I’ve ever been to!! From the moment I walked into his office both him and his staff made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I came in to fix the job of another dentist and wanted to remove my ugly silver fillings for white fillings. He was extremely patient with me and explaining to me what the process would be like from A-Z. With Dr. Jacobson there is no secrets!!- he will tell you how it is and is extremely honest (unlike other dentists). As expected, not only do my teeth look great but also feel great too! I can’t wait to visit him and his staff again!


Kamran A.Oct 05, 2017

Robertson Dental Group deserves more than five stars here is why :

I have been searching for a professional and honest dentist more than two months!
Before coming to Robertson Dental Group
I went to five different general dentists and their referral endodontistsin South Bay , Burbank and west la . they all said different things and offered me unnecessary workssuch as (tooth lengthening and retreat root canal ) with skyrocketing prices and hidden fees I was absolutely exhausted and depressed observing how they were playing with me until one of my friends introduced Dr. Jacobson to me.

After going to all these different so called doctors I gained enough knowledge to realize that
Dr. Jacobson was one and only true doctor who really cared for me and not for the money .
He said I do not need tooth lengthening and retreat root canal is not required.
He gave me true advise and saved me a lot of money along with using good quality materials!
He is going to be my favorite dentist for rest of my life .
In addition to that I should mention that his assistant and secretary are very polite and helpful.
They have a very peaceful and clean environment and their equipments are up to date .

Thank you for finally giving me the relief


Frank C.Aug 23, 2017

Dr. Jacobson does amazing work. He was very quick to get me in the office and out.Met my needs accordingly and also has a great personality. His staff was very friendly and the location is perfect! Id recommend to all of my friends !


Eddie S.
Apr 11, 2017

Great quality and honest dentistry! Definitely recommend. Glad I took a chance on them


Nikki R.Jan 07, 2016

I never thought I would say this …… But I actually enjoyed going to the dentist yesterday! Dr Jacobson and his staff were beyond warm, caring, compassionate and gave me an overall excellent dental experience. This was my first experience with this office and I had gone in for a cleaning and check up but end up needing to replace a very old filling with a new crown. In 1 1/2 hours my exam, cleaning and temporary crown were all done! Can’t wait to go back next week to pick up my beautiful porcelain crown! I highly recommend Dr Jacobson if you are looking for a sweet,caring and young dentist.


Mike M.Dec 31, 2016

Awesome work here. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for an honest dentist! The assistant Daniel makes it very comfortable as well!


Eleeza B.Sep 28, 2015

I had a sharp pain on my back tooth and immediately headed over to Robertson Dental.

At first I was nervous and did not know what to expect, however from the moment I stepped into the dental office, the comfortable atmosphere made me feel at ease andDr. Jacobson was very meticulous in his work and did a great job! He communicated well and told me what was going to happen and answered any questions I had.
Robertson Dental is
-conveniently located
-wonderful staff
-comfortable atmosphere
-great for all ages


Samantha W.Dec 10, 2016

Its awesome here. From the assistant to the doctor. There is never any long wait. The doctor sees you right away and addresses your concern without bombarding you with unnecessary treatment like there is at a lot of other offices. Would definitely recommend it here.


Babak E.Aug 24, 2015

I chipped my front teeth this morning and was in excruciating pain.I walked in to the office and everyone was immediately attentive. Dr. J was gentle and extremely detail oriented.He was honest and wasn’t pushy about anything. He told me benefits and risks of bonding and veneers and told me my options. I felt really comfortable about this place I’m going to come back for a cleaning in a few weeks.


Mr. Bowtie A.Sep 28, 2015

They say the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to the case of Dr. Jacobson. He’s perfected his craft, gives the extra attention and care I need and always goes out of his way to make me or my family comfortable. Comes from a long line of dentists, A+ bed side manners, affordable, and no hesitation when I open my mouth for this Dr.

My 7 year old nephew is terrified of doctors but never in the case of going to see Dr. Jacobson 🙂